Hey, I'M Todd

I am a filmmaker and mountain sports enthusiast capturing extraordinary love stories while hiking and skiing in beautiful outdoor environments. My years of experience in adventure sports enables me to bring an authentic and unique perspective to elopement storytelling.

I'm a pretty simple guy: lover of big mountains, deep powder, long trails, and genuine people.


If your elopement day is challenging, badass, and outside...

High Alpine Films is for you!

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Fun facts about me:

I live in New Mexico.

Upon finishing my formal education in Illinois, I headed west to be around mountains. I’ve called Albuquerque home since 2013. It’s a funky city with sunshine, bomber food, dozens of local breweries, and tons of outdoor activities. It’s a lovely home base to return to after being out adventuring.

I completed the John Muir Trail.

In the summer of 2021, I had the opportunity to check one off my bucket list by tackling the John Muir Trail (JMT). I joined a friend plus five strangers to traverse the 210+ mile thru-hike across the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains in 17 days. If you’ve ever thought about doing it, you should!

I love being outdoors.

Imagine that, but I’d rather play in the dirt, huck into powder, sleep on the ground, streak high alpine lakes, and summit mountains than anything else. Like you, my best life is lived outside.

I am a dog person.

I’m a dog dad to a German shepherd (Otto), a pitbull (Payton), and a husky/pit mix (Piper). All three are rescues and are major wierdos. Otto acts like a child and wants nothing more but to be loved. Payton is shy and super cuddly. Piper is still deciding what kind of dog to be. They add so much value to my life.

I used to be a doctor.

Yup, I earned a PhD in mechanical engineering in 2013. And after a seven-year career conducting research and development at a prestigious laboratory, I was burnt out and unfulfilled. Leaving the 9-to-5+ “corporate world” to pursue a life outdoors and hangout with couples on the best day of their lives was a huge pivot, but incredibly rewarding.

I like to think of myself as a mediocre amateur athlete.

Once upon a time, I raced triathlons, even an Ironman. Now, I chase powder and will ski any line on the mountain. When it's not winter, I enjoy slower pursuits like long-distance trail running and hiking with the doggos. Regardless, there are always fresh margaritas or craft brews.

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